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It happens when nobody is watching

Amnesty International  •  Interactive Billboard • Art Direction • Design 

Amnesty International wanted to raise awareness of domestic violence and to motivate people to look more closely and help to prevent this from happening. We believed that only communicating this fact would not have enough impact. Therefore we came up with an idea that let people directly experience how domestic violence is hidden from view.


We created the world's first billboard which reacted when people looked at it. To achieve this we connected an "eye tracking" camera to a digital billboard. The billboard displayed a man beating his wife – as long as nobody was looking. But as soon as somebody looked directly at, the photo would change – with a pre-programmed delay – to a scene where the couple would appear to be happy.

Design & Production

After coming up with the initial idea, my partner and I looked into solutions on how to bring it to life. After making initial tests, we were able to convince an outdoor advertiser and a camera software specialist to join and develop the billboard together with us. 
The billboard was the first of its kind and made observers curious and also part of the situation. Some of them interacted with it for several minutes, leaving a strong impression. The billboard soon was discovered by newspapers and blogs (amongst others the New York Times Magazine) and its message traveled further than its physical presence.



Creative Direction: Jan Harbeck, David Mously
Art Direction: Duc Nguyen
Copywriting: Nicolas Linde

Agency: Jung von Matt 
Client: Amnesty International