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Sparkasse  •  360° Campaign • Art Direction • Design 

Sparkasse Bank recorded decreasing customers in the young adult target group (18–30). Our brief was to develop a campaign that reconnected young people with the brand and would increase downloads for the bank's new service apps. To reach out and engage with our younger target audience we created a transmedia storytelling campaign called: "Giro seeks hero: 5 Challenges. 2 Celebrities. 1 Endorsement Deal."


We created Giro seeks hero as a reality show spoof in which two MTV comedians battle over a Sparkasse endorsement deal. At the heart of the fully integrated campaign was a six-part web series in which the contestants had to face ridiculous challenges relating to the brand and product. At the end of each episode, the users decided who met the challenge better and voted the winner.

Design & Production

The campaign was a milestone in Sparkasses communication as it was the first time ever they created a truly 360° campaign. At the heart a microsite and Facebook were the main drivers for the campaign. But we also created TV Teaser commercials, print ads, TV-infomercials, in-store collateral material and events, that would keep the users entertained during the 3 month campaign period. I was the lead Senior Art Director being responsible for shooting and producing the main campaign assets as well as overseeing 2 Assistant Art-Directors. Fortunately all the hard work, long hours and weekends paid off and "Giro seeks Hero" became Germany's most successful social media campaign to date: It resulted in 3.3 million site visits, 2 million web film views, 1 million votes, 160.000 Facebook fans and 60% increased app downloads.



Creative Direction: Marius Lohmann, Max Millies Senior Art Direction: Duc Nguyen
Art Direction: Oskar Strauß, Nicole Feldmann
Copywriting: Nicolas Linde, Alescha Lechner

Agency: Jung von Matt 
Client: Sparkasse