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Welcome to a world of Love, Sleep and Play

Pampers.Com | UX  •  Design  • Platform development & Global Digital Design Guidelines

Pampers is the market leader in diapers. However when it came to their digital ecosystem Pampers was way behind their rival brands. Our task was to develop a strong digital identity for Pampers and tighten their ecosystem. Next to creating social media experiences and mobile apps, the main key peace was the redesign of We developed a helpful platform that gave moms worldwide useful tips and insights. And in doing so making the relationship between moms and Pampers deeper and more meaningful. After a short test phase, the site was launched in 47 markets in 2014.


Pampers not only sells diapers, but gives parents and their little ones the security and freedom to love, sleep and play. By reframing the purpose of the platform, we gave parents added value by supporting them with useful, relevant information and products. We positioned as the mobile first hub for mom on all relevant information and tips on the development of her baby.

IA & User Experience

The user experience was set to be simple, clear and approachable which embodies Pampers' joyful, genuine and insightful brand character. Together with a junior ux designer, we setup a simple navigation tailored to needs and interests of the moms. To give structure and orientation we created a modular grid with an easy to use and playful interface. Every element and interaction is designed to build equity for the brand and to give the user the best Pampers experience possible.


The visual elements of are of a simple, clear and approachable nature. They support structural simplicity for a userfriendly experience and light-weight navigation.
Overseeing and working with a team of 3 designers, we developed specific AA compliant colour schemes, typographic and photography guidelines as well as a modular responsive design system, that would work seamlessly on all device types.



Creative Direction: Craig Stuart
UX and Art Direction: Duc Nguyen
UX Design: Rafael Quesada
Visual Design: Ana Torecilla, Micala Hutchinson
Project Management: Kiara Coen, Julie Daniells

Agency: Nomads
Client: Proctor & Gamble
P&G Brand Management: Xavier Tardy, Omer Sher Development: BBDO Proximity Paris